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Decisions, decisions

I have been painting fabric this afternoon. I layered some zap cloth over damp cotton so I could paint both at the same time. Using Dye na flow I squirted a few drops, sprayed with water and spread out the colour with a brush. I was trying to get the effect of explosions of colour, aka fireworks. I hung the zap cloth up to dry and continued on the cloth, adding Lumiere in burst and dots. The background (white) was still showing through so I squirted with Moonshadow Mists aqua and turquoise.

I’m planning on using this to make a cover and chapter headings for my journal for uni. I chose the fireworks theme as this is what it feels like going back to study after 20 years, all those sparks going off in the brain.

I also worked on an ATC for Doreen. I tried to iron some painted zap cloth onto painted cotton; not very successful, but did manage to get a bit of texture. I then ironed on some vliesofix instead and used that to adhere silk paper and some tissue paper I had used for paintstiks rubbings. I then FME and will finish the hand stitching tonight. I then decided I couldn’t cut it into ATC’s as it looked so good so now you’re getting a postcard Doreen, hope you don’t mind. I won’t post a picture until I’ve sent off, probably Monday.

I forgot to take a photo of Ebony’s ATC before Claudia sent it off, got caught up in all the enthusiasm, so here is a photo of the ATC’s Doreen sent for Claudia and I.

and mine:

Sorry about cutting off the bottom, the scanner was being temperamental.

They are both absolutely gorgeous and Claudia now asks me if the bloggers I read have any grand-daughters!!! If there are any bloggers with children or grandchildren who want to swap feel free to contact us. It is a great way to encourage children’s creativity, a bit of a variation on the penpal concept. Hopefully Doreen will post Claudia’s ATC over on her site when she returns from Melbourne if you want to take a look.

I’m just about to send off my postcard swap to Susan Lenz for CyberFyber. Susan asked me to mention that she has the swaps ready for those who missed out first time around. Head to Cyber Fyber from Sunday if you’d like to swap.

Cheers till next weekend

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