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39 Steps

No ‘new’ artwork this week, but I did have a ‘jolly’ time at the theatre on Saturday night. MTC’s production of 39 steps was very clever and extremely funny. The actors: Helen Christinson, Marcus Graham, Grant Piro, Tony Taylor were all brilliant and it was a very enjoyable night out with the girls.

I spent some of my free time this week joining and browsing Sharon B’s new site stitchin fingers. It’s a great forum for discussion and viewing some great stitching and textile art. There are also a few interest groups being set up so head over and take a look.

Joggles newsletter featured a very interesting book this week: The Art of the Family Tree by Jenn Mason. The preview showed quite a few interesting possibilities. I have a photo of my grandmother from when she was a cute little button of about 3 or 4 years, that I would like to present in some way, so I may have to check out the local booksellers for this one for some ideas. My grandmother was/is one of my main inspirations, she was a great embroiderer and taught me to crochet. I have many of her pieces of crochet and embroidery, as well as her lace wedding dress from 1930. I have been looking for an antique mannequin to display the dress so I may make a fabric memory book to accompany it. (There is a fabric memory book group happening at stitchin fingers)

The photo below is of my Mother’s grandparents. When I received this photo it was damaged and the easy access to facilities to touch up and repair was not then available. I decided to embroider and decorate to enhance the photo. My great grandmother RoseAnn was known to be a great seamstress, hence the inclusion of the singer sewing machine.

I’m hoping to do some creating this afternoon. I’m working on my journal for uni. 5,500 words done in five entries. I aim to finish one entry now and then have only one to do to be up to date. (We have 3 uni sessions left this semester).


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