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Postal Excitement

Claudia was extremely excited to receive more ATC’s in the post yesterday, from Doreen and Ebony in Canberra. This truly is a great way to encourage young textile artists of the future. Thankyou Doreen and Ebony, Claudia absolutely loves them.

Claudia is keeping all her trades in a small photo album (pink being the favourite colour of the moment).

Susan has received her ‘garden’ postcard so I can post it here.

After painting the base fabric I fused some silk paper and purple op shop scarf

then FME’d over the top. I then hand beaded, couched some bumpy fibres and added the little butterfly charm.
I have finished the journal cover (1am Friday morning) but forgot to photograph before handing in my assessment Friday morning. I’ll have to wait until it comes back marked. I was a little disappointed in the fitting of the cover. I didn’t allow for shrinkage from the FME and had to trim the journal to fit (luckily it was just cardboard and plastic and easily cut). I also made a small tassel and machined cord to dangle from the spine.

I also began knitting a scarf (it’s getting colder here now although August is our coldest month). All the local retirees are packing up and heading north to the warmer states, we have a quite a few years to go before we can do that. (WordPress has obviously decided I have my quota of photos on this post and refuses to load anymore).
Next Thursday we have our textile group get together and are supposed to show our progress on the boxes we are making. Hmmm, I have a cardboard template so that is the task for tonight – make some progress. We are also going to dabble in fabric and paper bead making so that will be fun.

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A little bit more

This is rapidly becoming Claudia’s blog, she definitely has more to show this week. After Junior Embroidery Group on Friday she has spent all weekend stitching on her sampler, see below:

The project worked on at the session was a lining for this basket of which she is very proud. The fairies in the left over fabric are destined for a new series of ATC’s.

Claudia also managed to finish a couple more ATC’s. She was keen to use some of her stitches from her sampler, but we didn’t use the more complicated ones as she didn’t have the threads to count.

Apart from helping Claudia all weekend, I have actually managed some FME on the ‘fireworks’ journal cover. The words are xpandaprint and embossing powder and I will add beading tomorrow at the Embroidery Guild Sit and Sew.

This is the front and back, the flaps will be just the painted fabric and the lining is an offcut of gold satin.
I have finished attending my uni sessions for this semester and just have to complete two assessment pieces. However as it is a three hour round trip for me to go and hand these in at uni I’m looking at other alternatives. I need to have this Researching Arts journal ready to hand in at uni on Friday as Number one daughter and I are heading to Melbourne for some retail therapy (she has finished her midyear VCE exams) so I can get this journal there if it’s finished. I have written a poem for the title page which I’m hoping to print onto acetate sheet and place over a picture of fireworks, however the sheets I saw were only for laser printer or photocopier. Is it possible to print these on normal bubblejet printers anyone????
Cheers all.

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Playing Around

Having spent most of the day on uni work I decided I was justified in giving myself a treat. I spent a very relaxing, enjoyable couple of hours stitching Susan’s postcard to send off. I won’t post a picture this week as it will spoil the surprise. Thanks for swapping with me Susan.
Claudia has been continuing her ATC’s. She has made one for her cousin who has just jetted off to The US to work at Camp America. At this stage she is getting acclimatised at her Uncle’s house north of Detroit. The second ATC was for a swap with Annica in Sweden. Claudia spotted the ATC’s Annica had for swap while I was reading her blog.

Claudia has just asked me if she can have her own blog to post her stuff on! I have told her she can when she is a little older. She is off to her first monthly Young Embroiderer’s class at the Embroidery Guild on Friday, so we’ll see if she enjoys that.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing a little ‘arting’, I just haven’t had time to blog. I was reading on a blog about somebody’s fun with painting an old stained cloth so I decided to also try some. I dug out an old cotton sheet that has been used as a tablecloth for trestle tables on large family gatherings. I started with wetting the cotton then ironing until just damp. I used a mixture of permaset, lumiere, and koh-i-nor colours and a wide brush with lots of water. I painted wide bands of colour and then splotches of colour on top. I then scrunched them up and left in a tub to dry.

The resultant fabric, the splotches on the autumn tonings are a little obvious but this fabric is destined to be used as a background for a pentagonal box so it will be layered upon. (I will use the silk paper I showed last post.) The pastel shades are not quite as pale as they appear.

The last play around was with the xpandaprint. I sewed a grid onto water soluble paper and then began stencilling with the xpandaprint and sprinkling on the embossing powder. In the end I just painted on the xpandaprint. As I have not yet purchased a heat gun I had to heat set with the iron. This is the photo after heat setting. You can see where the colour has just come off a little.

I have dissolved the paper in water and these will be applied to my Research Journal cover which I intend to stitch tomorrow (we have a long weekend here for the Queen’s Birthday).
Cheers till next week

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