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Post from far North Queensland

Many retirees in the south of Australia go North for the wintertime. This week we received a little of Port Douglas in the post with the beautiful ATC and postcard from Pauline, our textile group leader. Claudia’s is the ATC with lots of bouganvillea petals which Pauline has collected. Pauline also wrote a lovely letter to Claudia on calico. My postcard includes tiny pieces of driftwood. It also has a great quote on the back. What a very clever lady.

I am now extremely frustrated. Every time I try to browse the photos to add to the blog the application crashes.

This will now be a very short blog as I hate blogs without photos.

I began boot camp last week, went to the fitness test and then came down with a dreadful cold. I have just gone to another session this morning (6-7am) and it was fun, lots of boxing, but I’m not so good at the push-ups!

I have many WIPs hanging around looking at me sadly so this weekend will be dedicated to making some progress. At least in winter you have an excuse to stay inside and sew. Next week, on Friday and Saturday, I’m booked in to a Machine embroidery workshop with Mandy Ginsberg, courtesy of the Embroiderer’s Guild, should be fun. I especially like to go and stitch without interruptions!!!

Now I’m off to find a macforum where someone might be able to fix this photo loading problem. I have tried several internet providers and it happens with all so it must be a problem with the laptop programming.

Cheers Jo

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Back, at last

Well, it has been a tumultuous two weeks.

Two weeks ago the laptop refused to do anything but a flashing question mark. After a weekend of to-ing and fro-ing of emails and on-line forums I received the diagnosis – dead hard drive. And it’s only two years old. As I was working all week I didn’t get the chance to drive to Melbourne to buy a new hard drive until the following weekend  (only cost $73 for a hard drive more than twice as big as the former one and also faster!). I performed the operation myself, just a few screws and this week has been spent re-installing programs, I still have to load all the files I had backed up to an external hard drive, including all our photos. The moral of the story, don’t trust any of your equipment, and back up, back up, back up.

These two beautiful ATC’s were sent  to Claudia and I by Anne from France. Sorry Anne but I have lost all my bookmarks so I can’t link to you. The embroidery is so fine, it is a wonderful example to Claudia to aspire to.

I will post the ATC’s Claudia and I have sent in return, hopefully they will have arrived by now, although you never know how long it’s going to take!!

Claudia has added some buttonole stitch, beading and couching to hers. My base was constructed from pieces of offcuts of painted fabric and silk paper, machine stitched and hand stitched with beading. Claudia has also finished a postcard for a trade with Susan Lenz and is working on an ATC for Susan as well. We’ll post those when they have been sent.

As I had to go to Melbourne to pick up the hard drive, I took Claudia to her first Stitches and Craft Show which was on at Jeff’s shed (aka the Melbourne Exhibition Centre). We had a lovely day and Claudia had fun in a couple of workshops. I was amazed at how many children there were at the show this year. Below is the bag Claudia decorated with fused fabric flowers and Shiva stick rubbings. She also had fun with fibres and angelina.

The Stitches and Craft shows are great to find items that are not readily available in our local shops. I borrowed the following book on beaded embroidery from the local library, but could not start one of the embroideries until I found the smooth gold metallic purl. Luckily I found some on Alison Holt’s booth at the show. I would have loved to do Alison’s embroidery workshop but we couldn’t fit it in.

Cheers, till next time, happy embroidering.

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