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Messy worker

On Susan’s latest blogs she is showing the most wonderful photos of her artist’s residence at the moment. I commented on how tidy her studio is, mainly because mine always seems so untidy. For me though I think it’s the constant interruptions of family life and four children. However, that is no excuse for disorganisation, so I have ordered a new custom made bookcase to fit the gap between the windows. It is ready to be picked up so then I just have to paint it (I’m doing a white distressed look-Mmmm, and find somewhere else for the keyboard which is under all that.) Stay tuned for the after photo. I love looking at other people’s studios and have ordered the new ‘Studios’ from Dale

Good timing as I have finished my 4,000 word assignment, just have to proofread, print and post off. This is the computer corner and how it’s looked for the past week I’ve been furiously typing.

This room  is also designed to hold a pool/billiard table in the middle so I’m looking for one with a removable top (so I can use it for my sewing etc). Usually I cover the kitchen bench to paint fabric.

Here is Claudia’s fabric which she painted and then sunprinted. The washer marks are quite subtle, I’m assuming this works better on silk than cotton?

Speaking of silk, my visit to the Fibreforum Open Day, run annually by TAFTA, was very productive. I bought a metre of some lovely fine silk from the Japanese textile stall and a loom end from Beautiful Silks. I saw the loom end painted and used in a lovely landscape from one of the workshops. I also bought hand dyed silk ribbons, some hot pink silk throwsters waste for Claudia and some lovely hand dyed stranded yarn from a lovely lady, Christine Cook,  who had come over from Tasmania. She had some wonderful bags hand woven from silk. I now wish I had bought one, might have to snail mail her, she doesn’t have an e-mail or web-site on her label. I also bought some wool felt from Juliette. Might have to visit her next time I’m in Melbourne as she had the cutest little felting kits Claudia would love. Also a few other bits and pieces I picked up.

Now some very sad news, the city of Geelong is in mourning for the mighty cats lost the Grand final of the AFL footy yesterday. As the only regional town in Victoria to have an AFL team it is a major interest for the entire city. Luckily daughter no 1 was working at 5 am this morning and didn’t go clubbing in town last night, the police had a torrid time of it.

I used my afternoon watching the Grand Final productively. This silhouette is stitched in Bayeux stitch with a stem stitch outline, in a very dark purple appleton wool. It is one of five to be attached to my box. Racaire does a fantastic tutorial of Bayeux stitch here and here.

Off to stitch some more


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Out my Window

This is the view out my bedroom window, sunset one beautiful spring evening.

Claudia and I have a few projects happening, and we both need to have them finished by the 10th October for the Embroidery exhibition.

Claudia had fun painting a piece of cotton sheeting, she chose pink, orange and yellow, and then we raided the garage for some washers and left it out on the verandah. She is planning a couple of postcards, fairy shoes and a little trinket box as seen on Robin’s blog.

This is the box I am working on at the moment, I am currently doing some bayeux stitch motifs to attach.

This morning I picked daughter number 1 up from the airport after her school trip to Malaysia. She had a wonderful time. This was her view of the sunset.


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While the mice are away…..

…that means Claudia and I are the cats!

The essay I’m writing is so tedious (but important) I have to take breaks every now and then, and since most of my children and the husband are away (hardly any housework for two of us and we eat when and what we like) I have all this time to do more interesting things. I have sprayed the muslin and a sheet of Sheer heaven paper with my new radiant mists (from the Thread Studio) and they are lovely (and some moonshadow mist). I would like to put the sheer heaven through the printer , I’m hoping the paint won’t be a problem, to print some words upon. It’s going to be used on a box like this, which our textile group are making for the Embroiderer’s Guild exhibition. This is Pauline’s box in progress, hope you don’t mind me putting it on here Pauline? I also sprayed the muslin at the same time and it will be part of the layering on my box (I have lots of bits for this that I’ve been making that hopefully will look okay when put together). Looks a bit pale here from the flash, it’s much richer in colour. Also this afternoon, I decided to cover some boxes that started like this: and after a bit of spray adhesive and fabric, looked like this: Did this outside of course. I’ve promised Claudia we’ll try some sun printing if it’s sunny tomorrow, this spring weather is very unpredictable. Cheers

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Lucked out on Grand Final tickets

I have just checked the GFC web-site and we, along with 10,000 other members missed out on the AFL tickets in the ballot. 10,000 other members did not bother registering for the ballot. Looks like a BBQ at home watching on the TV (after I spend the morning at the Fibre Forum Open Day that is!)

Son Number 2 lifted the lid on the guinea pig cage and the hinges fell off. The screws and hinges were very rusty, so I told him to pop them in a container for me!! (rust dyeing I’m thinking). I moistened some muslin (scrim to the rest of the world), hand spun wool and perle cotton in vinegar, then wrapped them around the rusty bits and placed out on the north facing (that would be south in the top half of the world) verandah for a couple of days in an open plastic bag. I then rinsed in some cold water with some baking powder.

  And this is a close up of the interesting hinge marks. I will now go and give these a spray with the moonshadow mist and see how they dry.






Finally, this is what I’m reading right now, in my breaks from writing an essay. 2,000 words down, 2,000 to go. Hopefully I will get to see the Bayeux tapestry in the flesh one day. Cheers.

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What a wonderful parcel!

Just a quick post to show the gorgeous ATC and postcard Claudia received in the mail today from Susan Lenz.


Claudia was so excited, when I asked her what she liked best about the postcard, she said “all of it”. The postcard has the most beautiful soft embellished texture with some gorgeous ‘jewels’ and the ATC is Claudia’s favourite colour with some lovely girl’s bling. Thankyou so much Susan for your wonderful encouragement of Claudia (and all the lovely things you said on your blog too!).



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I love op shops

Op Shops are the most amazing treasure troves. I have just had a lovely, full of laughs girl’s tennis weekend in Apollo Bay and visited the lovely op shop there. Very well organised and many sewing treasures. I bought a medicine jar of interesting sequins, a large button for covering and the following books. The sewing book has wonderfully clear diagrams for all types of embroidery stitches and I bought the Inspirations for the stumpwork.

I showed a friend and she went over and bought the other Inspirations!
The large King size actil sheet was a great find for $2 in the Geelong West Op Shop in Pakington St. I will use this as a base for machine embroidery. This is the cleanest op shop I have ever been into (a lady washes everything before it goes out for sale) and raises money for McKillop Family Services. Unfortunately the friendly lady behind the counter told me it is closing as they will get more income from selling the property and investing the money. It is a shame as it is my favourite in Geelong. I also bought this cute woollen hand crocheted scarf, looks like it is brand new, somebody didn’t like it once it was made!!

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I’m Back and the Mighty Geelong Cats march on

The Australian Rules footy finals have begun this weekend, and this year we naturally expect the Cats to go all the way again, so much so that my husband’s road trip with the boys has been planned so he returns in time for the Grand Final. There is a ballot for Grand Final tickets, which annoys many Geelong Footy club members who feel they should be guaranteed a ticket. We will put our two memberships in the draw and see how we go. Out of 30,000 members, the club is allocated about 12-13,000 tickets so there will be quite a few disappointed people around.

It is such a pleasure to type on the new imac, I’m loving it. I have set up the automatic backup, and it has heaps more oomph and memory than the laptop.

I will use this post to catch up on all the posts I’ve missed while having severe computer problems.

I’ve started knitting two scarves, one just an ordinary straight one, the other a cool pattern I found on Kitty, which has some fantastic free patterns. Although spring is sprung and today was a beautiful day, I am not fooled, we will still have some chilly weather ahead.


This post is going to take the format of Jackie French’s wonderful shortlisted Children’s Book Council Award book, The Shaggy Gully Times. Her book is based on a weekly country newspaper where the stories are written throughout the week until the published date. it contains some very funny word puns which the children I’m teaching find extremely amusing.

One week later and, the Cats have won their first final convincingly, they have a weekend off followed by the prelim next weekend. We have put our tickets in the ballot, so hopefully the cats will win and be into the Grand Final on ‘the last Saturday in September’.

A little bit later: have just been to the airport and waved daughter no. 1 off to Malaysia for her school trip (Year 12 Indonesian), her first trip overseas. I don’t know who was more excited, her or me, but I did put an order in for some batik fabric and perfume.

A final picture from the FME workshop with Mandy Ginsberg of the Victorian Embroiderer’s Guild. After some exercises and experimenting, we made little felt badges. This one is for Claudia to wear to Junior Embroidery Group.


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Trying again and again

I have deleted cookies and a download that may be causing problems, so I will try again……………..

One week later (Thursday), my hard drive has died again, only one month old, and it will take 3 weeks to get the replacement. GRRRRRRRRRRR

I have gone out (Monday) and bought a new imac desktop (base model). I have a 4000 word assignment due in three weeks and my eldest is in the final weeks of her final year of school. We cannot do without a competent computer. Is it sad that we are now so dependent on this electronic gadget????

I am so excited, I can finally add photos again. The ATC and Postcard were sent to Claudia and I from Pauline as I started to say in another post. She has included a little of Port Douglas in the gifts. These are pictures of the back of the postcard and a lovely note she wrote to Claudia on calico.









Okay, I’m struggling with the picture placement here, never mind it’s 11pm, one more photo and then I must go to bed, I have to be up at 5.30am for bootcamp, luckily I’m not working tomorrow. This photo is Claudia’s latest effort from Junior Embroidery Group. We have our Embroiderer’s Guild exhibition in October, so she will be taking her stitching to September’s meeting to include in the exhibition. I can’t wait to see her face when she goes to see the displays!


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