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The end is nigh

sunset-charlies-2Today is the last day of the year and traditionally a time for looking back at what has been achieved (or not! although I prefer to look to the positives) and also to look forward to a new year with hope and optimism. It has been a very busy year, but that’s nothing unusual! I have enjoyed and found time for all the creative, inspirational fun that textile art brings and had an absolutely wonderful time with all the on and off line, extraordinarily friendly and talented textilers/embroiderers I have met.

So here is an ode to the year that was:

Year’s End

 So….time ticks on

The year is spent


Times of sadness and pain and death

Times of joy and love and birth

Sharing with friends and family…

In person


By post

To and fro

Strength and support

Creating from the soul

Healing from the heart


Across time and space

Okay, that’s enough sentimentality. 

Here are a couple more items finished:

Claudia’s xmas ATC’s; Claudia drew the pictures of her ‘crazy’ angels and they were printed onto cotton, then made into the cards.clauds-atcs

And a close up:


The triangular ones were made to fit into her little gift pouches:

pouches-for-xmas1Thanks to xmas I now have a tidy stitching nook (as compared to a before photo not too long ago) 


Photo uploader is being quite temperamental tonight so I will finish with a few happy shots of xmas day.xmas-cousinsxmas-jammin-2















And a last one of all the crew, some look like they’ve had a VERY VERY BIG day.Cheers


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The House is Springed

We have been very busy spring cleaning ready for our xmas visitors, it’s a great incentive to clean out all the mess that seems to accumulate in a house of six over the year.

We received some beautiful ATC’s from Anne in France today. They are just amazing and Clauda has added them to her album. We are working on our return ATC’s but they might not arrive before xmas, so they might have to be New Year’s greetings.


I found a great tutorial at Gina’s blog (via Sharon’s Pin Tangle) for the little triangle gift bags. I drafted a pattern on A4 scrap paper using the protractor. This made the triangle 210mm (Gina suggested 9 ” [225mm]so mine is a tiny bit smaller).

triangle-for-bagI then followed Gina’s instructions to cut out two different fabrics and sew right sides together with a gap to turn. I then folded down the corners 40mm and sewed a casing for the cord.

flaps-sewn-down1The edges were brought together and slip stitched to form the pouch.


Finally I threaded a double cord through to pull closed. This pouch was used for the bracelet gift from the previous post.


I will try the next one with a 50mm fold over to give a bigger opening. Gina warned me these are addictive!!

Claudia loves these and is currently working on some triangle shaped ATC’s to fit into the pouches. The funny coincidence is that Gina first bought one of these while visiting Brisbane and took it apart to work out how to make it.


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‘Tis the season to be jolly

I have stayed up late to work on xmas presents (and to make sure 16 yr old gets home from party at decent hour!)

At the moment I am making a gift to match these shoes of a friend of mine. She mentioned how much she liked Carly’s beaded bag and how she needed a bag (and a bracelet would be nice) for the shoes she wore to the valedictory dinner. Quite a broad hint I couldn’t possibly miss!!!!

shoesI doodled around on paper and came up with the following design. As she goes to the gym quite often and lifts weights, I thought it quite appropriate that it actually looks a bit like a weightlifter. I wonder if she’ll notice.

bag-beforeThis was the beading onto the fabric, the closest colour match I could find. I then shopped around for some beads, glass and crystals, to make the bracelet. The lovely coloured glass beads are from Treasure Island Beads.

bag-braceletThis picture also shows the bag made up before the drawstring is added. I will have a look for some perle cotton to make a twisted cord and sew some beads as loops to thread it through.

Last week we went on a lovely outing with the Embroiderer’s Guild to visit the Johnston Collection in East Melbourne. We only had two ladies not quite make it to the right carriage on the train! (we boarded at three different stops in Geelong) The Johnson Colllection is displayed in one of Mr Johnson’s houses and each Christmas a different region decorates the house. This year was Bendigo’s turn. The Embroiderer’s Guild of Bendigo decorated the Green Room, the CWA (Country Women’s Association) decorated the kitchen, ceramicists decorated the French sitting room, spinners and weavers had a room upstairs, as did the fibre art group and the patchworkers. All the displays were amazing. Next year it is Geelong’s turn so our Embroiderer’s guild branch will be decorating the Green Room. If you get a chance to visit, xmas is a great time to see these fantastic displays of art.


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Time to play

My last day at uni for this year was a graduate research conference last Saturday (hurrah, more time to play). By chance there also happened to be a bounenki market at the Nicholas Building in the city. I bought these luscious fabrics from Kimono House. The mauve is for Claudia, who said “But it’s christmas not easter!”

eThe conference was excellent with some very interesting and creative presenters (and great food). All the presenters were PhD students giving final or interim presentations of their research. Phillipa Robinson looked at Musical culture. Her fascinating powerpoint showed all the places in the world she had visited for her research and she illustrated the musical cultures of the world with a thread art metaphor. Another enthralling speaker was Fatemah vafaeinejad, an artist who peppered her presentation with persian philosophy on the creative/life process such as:

*’do to know’ instead of ‘know how to do’

*in the creative process nothing is fully resolved

*accept and welcome the unknown, search for the hidden layers.

I also popped in to the Skepsi on Swanston Gallery to have a look at this exhibition on my way to the train station. Absolutely beautiful, and some interesting ceramics too.



A few days ago, Claudia received these two wonderful ATC’s from Doreen and Ebony. They are just sensational and Ebony’s displays the most wonderful design skill, caught from her creative grandmother.

e1Thank you Ebony and Doreen.

Our xmas break up for Embroiderer’s Guild was Monday and was a great get together. I met Gillian, who I had discovered on the stitchin fingers network and we’re all excited about the start up next year of our Creative Fibre Art Group (aren’t we Pauleen!!! I’ve just noticed what we could shorten that to!!!) The core group who have been meeting all year will get together in January to plan for our first meeting in February.

Last night I attended the xmas meeting of the Bellarine Mac Users Group (BMUG), a friendly sharing group dedicated to mac computers. I was lucky enough to win the door prize, a Japanese wrap gown (just out of the washing machine).


Just as good was the wrapping the gown came in.

japanese-wrappingThankyou so much to Jurgen who donated the prizes.

Now I’m off to play: Xmas cards and postcards incorporating this

e2a copyright free Silent Night printed onto a printable fabric sheet (100% cotton) and sprayed with moonshadow mist and radiant shimmering mist.

I’m also planning on starting Maggie Grey‘s lesson one from her Textile Translations book (I am a little behind but hope to catch up over the holidays) inspired by this book I borrowed from the library. 


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