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Fibre Forum Frenzy

That is what it was like the last afternoon of the fibre forum as each class member attempted to finish their bag ready for display on the public day Saturday. It is a funny thing that a hand embroidery frenzy is actually very, very quiet. All the chit chat and storytelling ceased! I had completed my bag (which was much smaller) the previous day and was relaxedly stitching a ‘fritillery’ tassel (another of Catherine Howell’s beautiful designs) with the help of Claudia who had come along for the last day.

My finished fritillary:

fritillary full size

fritillary 2

So here is a photo journal of the week’s stitching and some photos of the very lovely ladies with whom I had the pleasure of spending the week: Calm Catherine, Terrific Tina, Super Sue, Krafty Kate and Marvellous Marlene

Catherine and Marlene:

Catherine and MarleneKate sewing her bag together:

fibre class member 1Sue constructing her bag:

fibre class member 2Tina also happily constructing:

TinaClaudia offering the resident nun, who popped up in a different place continuously, some smarties:

Claudia and nunThe other cane couple who were often up to no good:

cane couple

Here are some photos of my bag as it progressed during the week:

Felt flowers added:

felt flowers added

Beaded and frilled flowers added:

frilled flowers added

Berries and dangles added and bag completed:

finished bag

Here is our lovely tutor Catherine with the finished bag display:

CH & displayA close up of some of the bags:

fruitful abundance 1

fruitful abundance 2

And a picture of all the happy gang:

CH Gang

Thankyou all, it was wonderful to share this week with you and get to know you all.

Perhaps we could reunite at another Catherine Howell workshop!!



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