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My RSS feeder has gone haywire and I am getting everyone’s entire list of blog posts every time I turn mail on. I’ve had to delete all the feeds so if I take longer to comment that is why.


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Great weather for frogs

Unfortunately, not so great weather for building ponds. I had arranged a working bee at my school to create a frog pond for our environmental studies unit on water. However it has been bucketing down rain all night and all this morning so far, so we have had to postpone. However I am not complaining. After 4-5 weeks of no rain it is very welcome. As a completely amazing contrast, today Sydney is to have 41C . Let’s hope there are no raging bushfires up there.

In the first week of November I was lucky enough to participate in our Guild Branch’s Phyllis Brown Scholarship workshop, held annually. This year the workshop was two days with the embroiderer extraordinaire, Annie Huntley, making a beautiful felted bag. It was supposed to be an ’embroidered garden’ bag, but once again I went off on a tangent, changing the basic shape  so that mine became more of a ‘turkish’ bag. More stitching and beading is to be done on this:

It was a great class in great company where we felted the bag on the first day and embroidered on the second. Everyone’s bags were slightly different but all were gorgeous. I will post some pics of the other bags on the Creative T’Arts blog when they come through.

Claudia had fun at her last Junior embroidery meeting for the year, where they stitched xmas brooches. It was a great atmosphere as all the girls sat around stitching and chatting, they are a lovely group. This is Claudia’s, not quite finished.

Our November meeting of the Creative T’Arts was last Saturday and we began with a tyvek/paper/tissue/PVA exercise. It was great fun sharing around all the bits people had brought along. Once again the pics will be on the group blog when I get them, but this was my result.

Pauline gave us each one of her lovely teacup paper napkins, Pauleen gave us some lovely glitzy leaf wrapping paper and I added some shiva rubbings on tissue paper and coloured tissue paper. For the final layer I coloured the PVA with some yellow and red acrylic paint. As the base is Tyvek it can be easily stitched into so I may cut it up to try a few different stitch possibilities.

I didn’t get onto the metal part of this workshop so that will have to wait until ‘after thesis writing’. (Probably after xmas).


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Knee Deep in Thesis

Misty trees

Just taking a very quick break to update this blog.

I have a deadline of this Friday to produce a few thousand coherent words for review by my supervisor on the thesis.

The Sea Angels are finished and on display at the Johnston Collection. We are not too happy with the display at that end of the room. The tree and angels were supposed to be displayed in a group, the tree flanked by the angels. However it was too crowded due to the furniture arrangement so they have dropped the tree down the step and split the angels off to the side. Then the step was a safety issue so they have place two plinths with big, ugly, empty, white urns on them in the central position. It is horrendous. Hopefully the ‘interior designers’ will rectify such a disgraceful placement. Even taking the urns off would make a difference. After the months of work spent planning and constructing it is very disappointing.

I am flitting about doing a few little items in between thesis writing but also extremely busy at work at the moment and hoping to start preparations for xmas soon. We have our Creative Group on Saturday so will post photos on Monday.

Check out this great giveaway on Candy’s blog and new website, she has some delicious hand dyed pieces.

valley in mist

Photos are from my morning walk


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