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I’m back, briefly

We have just returned from Ballarat where the two youngest were participating in Junior Country Week tennis. A very tiring week for the juniors playing tennis all week and also for the adults, as it is very social with so many families staying up there.

Just a quick post to show some xmas ATC’s we swapped with Anne in France (and then back to the thesis!). Anne does the most exquisite fine stitching and sent these gorgeous xmas trees. Claudia loved the green one as the linen had a little touch of glitter

Claudia loved the ATC’s she had received from Ebony, so she decided to do some cut and paste this year:

I used a piece of the felt which we had painted/stamped earlier in the year at textile group and added some beading and stitching:

We have been working on our black felt (a la Susan Lenz) in bursts but not enough to show just yet. I gave a piece of felt to each person in our textile group so I’m looking forward to seeing how each one utilised it. I have been emailed one photo which I will save so I can post them all together.

The youngest son decided to be creative during the holidays and we tie-dyed tshirts. He and Claudia put rubber bands where they wanted the stripes and then we dunked them in the dye. I added a little too much yellow and the turquoise became green, so we will do some more and I will hold back on the yellow!

I tore a few strips of old sheeting up to toss in as well. This is one Claudia banded which has a great pattern of large flower petals on it:

Paddy was also doing some iron on transfers on tshirts so I printed this dragonfly as well:

I quite like the pattern in this one I pleated and then banded.

Better get back to the thesis.

I’ll finish with these two who were checking on me when I stopped for a few stretches during my morning walk.


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