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Playing with silk

I have been messing around with a few techniques from Sarah Lawrence’s great book on silk paper in preparation for Saturday’s creative group meeting. She has some great, easy to follow techniques and the make with iron silk paper is especially quick.

Firstly I tried the embedding some knitting technique:

The piece of knitting is in double thickness of cotton, laying on gummy cocoon strippings with a little silk over the top as well, sprayed with various paints and ironed between two sheets of baking paper.

Sprayed with a little water and moulded over a cup:

When this is dry I will add some stitching and embellishment.

Next I took a previously made sheet of silk paper (made using the wet method) and applied some xpandaprint plus embossing powder (I will add some treasure gold rubbing on this one)and stamp with perfect medium plus embossing powder (you might need to click on the photo to see the second stamping, it’s a bit subtle):

Finally, I love the texture of this last technique. Apply spray colour to a rubber moulding mat, lay on the gummy cocoon strippings, add more spray paint and iron between baking paper:

Fantastic fun and lots of samples to incorporate into other work.

I also intend to have a try at a bowl made with a silk cap; technique from Kath Danswan’s book.


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Quickie Post

I am hoping to get back into the groove this week. Reports are almost finished and the term will begin to wind down soon for the mid year break. We have a couple of big events at school over the next two weeks (BER [thankyou Kevin Rudd] and a feast day).

I have been following on with the Holey Moley Group over the last six months but not actively taking part due to the thesis writing, however I may find some time to join the final challenge which is to use the techniques from the last six months on a ‘pocket’.

Tonight I sketched a few possibilities as to the shape of the pocket:

Just realised I spelt asymmetrical wrongly!!

I have also just downloaded the latest edition of WOW and there are a quite few ideas which could be applied as well. Great article about Dale in there too.


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