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Geelong Fibre Forum 2010

We are now half way through an exciting textile filled week at the Geelong Fibre Forum. There are  amazing classes with tutors from throughout Australia and the world, including our tutor from the UK, the very entertaining Mary Crehan.

This is not a very flattering picture of Mary, but when I tried to take another today the camera refused to work, both lots of batteries were dead.

Our workshop for the week is based on ‘Memories’ and each person in our rather large class of 14 has brought along a different project to work on. Mary has been fantastic in giving everyone individual time to discuss their projects and continues to offer on-going advice, tips and techniques. She has also entertained us with lots of stories and a great DVD on the West Coast of Ireland, her home port.

We have three projects that are ongoing over the five days involving mostly hand stitchery plus a bit of memory journaling(more on those at the end of the week when I have something to show for it!) and have also been trying out several different techniques of image and colour transfer.

Lots of fun here as we transfer photocopies of photos and various other images from personal close and distant histories:

This is a picture of my little workspace with the essential teacup!

Here are two of my images in the process of being rubbed back:

The first is a photocopy of my Grandmother’s handwritten recipe book:

The next is my father holding my older brother (he is now 52!):

I have been lucky to have some very clear images from my photos.

The surrounds of Geelong Grammar provide plenty of inspiration. Some metal work on one of the workrooms:

A close up:

One of the courtyards:

And the clocktower:

Now I need to get some homework done before I head back tomorrow.



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