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DSCN0812I think I have forgotten to update on the completion of Intermediate stumpwork with the Embroiderer’s Guild.

I really enjoyed stitching stumpwork. It appealed to me because of it’s history, it’s quirky nature and the potential to be very creative and textural.

The certificate required two minor pieces and a major piece of stumpwork. The first was to be a flower.

I had my grandmother’s very old pincushion, I think the bottom might be copper?? so I decided to cover it with an embroidery. I didn’t want to alter the original permanently so it is a loose cover held on with colourful pins. The flower is based on the coneflower and I’ve included detached leaves and tendrils (a bit of a fantasy design which takes a few liberties with the botanical correctness!!)


The second piece was a beetle. My design incorporated the features of a few different beetles which were slightly ‘stretched’ to enable me to try some different techniques. Hence it has needlelace wings and a raised stem band body.

DSCN0990 DSCN0992

My major piece is based on Art Deco styles of design and is a monogram for a large jewellery box. I love the Macintosh stylised design so the tulips are based on that style. There were a few technical difficulties with this piece which held me up but I am very happy with how it turned out and glad I redid a few items to a better standard. I am especially happy with the crispness of the lettering which I did over pelmet vilene painted with acrylic paints to match the thread colour.

JoB box 1




Hmmm, might have to go back and trim the threads off that leaf!!




On Thursday I begin Intermediate Crewel work, should be another fun exploration of stitch-I just love Jacobean designs.

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