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Playing with Gelli

We had a fabulously fun play day with a friend who has a Gelli Plate (note to self: must buy one).

We started with prints on paper using various mark making and masks and then got really excited by working on fabric.

The fabric we used was sheeting I picked up at a local Op Shop (thrift store).

Why I love Op Shop fabrics:

1. They have been well washed (no sizing and take colour really well)

2. You don’t have to be too precious and can experiment freely

3. the white sheeting is usually a really good quality of cotton

4. It is really easy to rip to whatever size you wish.

Firstly experiments with colour on paper:

smooshing the paint

smooshing the paint

Beryl 2

Gelli print 2

Gelli print paper 1

Gelli print3

And seeing some influence from the Monet exhibition currently on at the National  Gallery of Victoria:

gelli print 1


And my prints using a limited colour palette on fabric:

Gelli Prints


Now need to maybe add some stamping/stitch and see what we can make.

I’m thinking bags, bookcovers and maybe some 3d shapes.


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Crewel dyeing

A pun is always fun, no animals were injured in the dyeing process!!!

I have been dyeing white fabric with tea and coffee to get a base for my major piece in the Crewel Embroidery Intermediate class for the Embroiderer’s Guild.

The photos below show the varying colours depending on the strength and length of time in the dyes:

L to R: strong tea 10 mins, weak tea 1 minute, coffee in & out, coffee 2 mins.

L to R: white fabric, strong tea 10 mins, weak tea 1 minute, coffee in & out, coffee 2 mins.

I have decided to go with the 2 minute coffee fabric which tones best with the silver, aubergine and black which will frame the crewelwork.

Once I have it drawn up & laced to the frame I will post more pictures.

Now off to make up some samples of printing on fabric techniques for the GeeTAG meeting this weekend.



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