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What a difference a day makes

On our walk yesterday the beach looked like this:


And this morning the floodwaters flowing from the river had turned the water a murky brown with lots of slush:



I am still adding TAST stitches to my postcard box, here is beaded looped cretan and buttonhole wheel cup:


And I am looking forward to a weekend of stitching with Hazel Blomkamp from South Africa, followed by some tambour beading over the next two weeks with Jan Timms from the UK.

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Spring is in the Air

Despite the recent flooding rains in some areas, spring is definitely in the air as the temperatures rise and the winter layers are peeled off.

There has been much action in the sewing studio, all of it a mad flurry of stitching clothes that are modest enough for daughter2 to go on her school trip to Indonesia. We have stitched many pairs of long shorts and pants, 3 or 4 dresses and lots of t-shirts and tops so that she is culturally appropriate. It will be a great experience for her to visit this country which is such a close neighbour but a totally different way of life.

While she is away I will get back to my own stitching including an entry for the upcoming EGV exhibition themed “A secret Garden”.

There has been lots of activity at GeeTAG with a great sharing of work on Applique, Reverse Applique and Free Machine Embroidery yesterday at our monthly meeting.

I will finish off with a photo from our regular beach walk. The winter tides have been very high this year and deposited lots of sand on the beach creating this beach quilt of seaweed embedded in the sand.

Seaweed quilt

Seaweed quilt

Close up

Close up

I love the movement and curves caused by the ebb and flow of the tides.



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