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International Postcard swap

At some stage I came across a call out from the Solihull Embroiderer’s Group for a postcard swap. After sharing with the GeeTAG group I decided to use some of the fun experimentation at a recent workshop in Hobart (Stitching & Beyond Group) with Alsyn Midgelow-Marsden to create a mini postcard version of an art piece I am working on for the S&B travelling Challenge Exhibition. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the completed postcard before posting off! However I have received a wonderful postcard in return from Helen in Solihull:

Postcard from Solihull, UK

Also posted off recently has been my contribution to the ATASDA Faces and Flora Suitcase travelling exhibition. I am looking forward to organising the distribution of the travelling suitcase exhibition around Victoria, and perhaps Tasmania if requested-just need a local in Tasmania to organise some venues and groups to host the suitcase. This is the almost finished piece, just before adding a backing and facing:

Aunty Helen Brotherton

I love the effect of the beautiful natural dyed silk velvet from Arlee. The indicative piece of basket weaving is eucalyptus dyed silk tape and the clothing is from an op shop silk shirt. The glasses are a fabric printed from an indigenous artist.

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