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Much Arty Fun

This post will be a catch up on how much fun I have been having over this month with making my faces quiltie for the ATASDA Travelling Suitcase Exhibition, Sketchbook Revival- a free crazy full on arts extravaganza, making my Challenge piece for Stitching & Beyond (Tasmania) travelling exhibition, making a postcard to post off to the Solihull embroiderer’s Group for a swap, attending a wonderful workshop-After Mirka Mora with Deb Brearley and another workshop with Carolyn Hawkins at the Bluebird Foundation.

Basket making with Carolyn, a drawing and watercolour from the session with Carla Sonheim and postcard in process:

After Mirka Mora:

After Mirka Mora

And the two travelling pieces in process: some hand stitching needed on the Faces piece to knock back the colour before I back and bind it to send off this week and the base level for Ancient Strata .

In progress

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Hip Hip Decay

Last weekend I experienced a magical workshop with Suzanne McRae who travelled all the way from Ballarat each day to share her amazing talent. We were encouraged to use her techniques but develop our own characters and the most important thing I learnt was how the ‘less is more’ applies, particularly in this instance.

So this is Professor Priscilla Possum not quite finished yet:



She is a ringtail possum, which are quite common in our little neck of the woods.

I still have to sew the clothes, add some old buttons, do a little more on the face (a little detail trick Suzanne shared with us) and make a mini leather covered book to place under her arm.

You can see Kerrie’s characterful bird here. Thank you to the Art dolls ladies for sharing this workshop and in particular Jenny for her wonderful organisation.

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Samantha Bryan fun fairies

This weekend we have had a wonderful two days with the delightful Samantha Bryan creating fantastical vintage fairies of all manner of descriptions. This was run through the Trolly Dollies (great job Kerrie, Jenny and the rest of the crew). The fairies created were as varied as the participants. We began with making ten heads from air dry clay, all with individual characters. This was followed by the elongated armature to which we added our beetle shaped bodies fashioned from leather and stuffed with filling.

My heads:


This picture shows the bibs and bobs that go into making one of Samantha’s fairies:

Samantha's bits

It was great to get a close up look at the amazing detail Samantha puts into her fairies also:

Samantha's flightful fairies


One thing that was constantly reinforced by Samantha throughout the weekend was that her work is always constructed with the rigours of them travelling to exhibitions in mind. Therefore the processes taught and the materials used were ones designed to be hardwearing and resistant to handling. Samantha uses a lot of silver soldering which would a great great further workshop for when she visits next year (that’s a hint Kerrie!).

My ‘Movie Man’ is headless at the moment:

Movie man 1

The head I originally made (with red beanie) was too small for the armature constructed so I had to make a new head (sheoak seed ears). The body and camera were sewn from leather scraps.

Kerrie had her ‘action man’ almost completed and was also very busy on the Saturday night constructing three more bodies:

Kerry's action man!

Thankyou for the delicious slices also Kerrie, the peanut butter brownie was very badly more-ish (you can get Kerrie’s yummy recipes here).

And it was also wonderful to meet and work with Samantha, she was an absolute sweetie!

Kerry & Samantha



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Birthday Giveaway

Sewjourn is having a birthday giveaway, be quick it ends at 5pm tonight.

I have just downloaded my September copy of WOW, great inspiration there and well worth the miserly subscription. I am about to incorporate Julie Smith’s wonderful article on making a mermaid’s purse (or cuff actually) into my sea angels. I have just about finished all the machine stitching and will spend the next two weeks with the hand stitching.

Here is another taster.

 The first is the twin needle stitching on the neck of one dupion silk gown:gown pintucksThis is the other gown painted with a mixture of acrylic, opulence ink and dyn na flow then sprinkled with salt:

pink gown:saltI painted some pearl cotton with the leftovers but they are a bit stiff, even after being in the dryer. They might be okay in a twisted cord or couched on. This is in the wet stage, it actually dried much lighter and will be toned down with overlays.

The last photo is another of the wing pieces. On the corners I have stitched using the Maggie’s technique from the Perth workshop. I’m hoping these will look like fragments of fishing net once dissolved.

wingsSorry about the flash off the glass cooktop.


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Wings take flight

Linda over on her textile blog was talking about trying machine stitched flowers on soluble with wire edges so they can be manipulated into shapes. The scan below shows part of the angel wing for the Sea Angels (it was too big to fit in the scanner).


I drew the outline in fineliner, stitched the diamond grid twice over with straight stitch, then went over in a small zigzag stitch. Then the dissecting lines were stitched twice over with straight stitch. I had a nice easily bendable wire (probably jewellery wire) and zigzagged that around the edges, then went over again with a close satin stitch. I used up as much of the romeo as I could stitching the little bubble fragments. I dissolved it in a sink of warm water, rinsed in cold water, patted dryish with paper towels and laid flat on baking paper to dry.


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Fabricate 09

Today Pauleen and I made the trek up the Melbourne/Geelong Rd to the opening of the Fabricate 09 exhibition by the TAG (Textile Art @ the Guild) group.

There was a wonderfully diverse range of textile art by invited artists from Australia and internationally, including art dolls, indigo dyeing, felting, weaving, free machine embroidery and printing. The exhibition is beautifully hung, with the ‘luminous’ indigo dyed panels of Rowland Ricketts 111 dividing the space.


The photos below are taken from the catalogue, designed to allow them to be used as postcards, with funds from the sale supporting the TAG group activities (there are more photos on the TAG site).


fabricate-2eAll art pieces at the exhibition are for sale as well as the patterns for Jennifer Gould’s exquisite dolls. Well worth a visit.


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Embroiderer’s Guild Exhibition

Just a quick post as it’s been a busy weekend. Thursday morning all the items were dropped off to the hall for the exhibition. Friday morning the exhibition was officially opened by the Governor of Victoria’s wife, Mrs de Krester (Actually I think she might be Dr) who admitted to having a drawer full of UFO’s. She is the patron of the Embroiderer’s Guild of Victoria. Friday night Claudia and I went to Junior Embroidery group, then Probus club held a lovely function at the exhibition to raise funds for charity, with a guest speaker from the Geelong Botanical Gardens. A special feature of the exhibition was a botanical display, where embroiderer’s guild members interpreted botanical illustrations from the gardens.

Claudia and I were supposed to be ‘on duty’ Saturday afternoon, but I found out at the last minute that I had a full day at Melbourne Uni. We will go in this afternoon. Claudia is very excited as Pauleen told her she could be a white gloves person and show the items to people.

These are the items I entered, I ran out of time for my final piece so that will have to wait for the next bi-ennial exhibition!

The box is a piece our textile group decided to do Based on Janet Edmonds book, so there was a great variety in our display (must remember to take some photos this afternoon). Mine is called ‘I am Woman’. The base fabric is a sandwich of hand painted cotton, pelmet vilene and kunin felt. The silhouettes are bayeux stitch, the windows are daphne paper (quite appropriate to the subject I felt) and the hands dangling are a sandwich of organza and glitter fabric with words from the sheer heaven stitched on. This was great fun to make. One of our members, Beryl,  loved them so much she made three. I think this will be Claudia’s summer holiday project as she wants one.

Mostly machine stitching, the sky is inspired by Van Gough’s ‘Starry nights’. This one is called ‘Endangered’

And I finally dyed some hand spun wool to finish off ‘Lilliana’. She was almost finished during an on-line Joggles class with Barbara Schoenoff. 

Claudia finished her pincushion:

and had great fun making some of Annette Emms‘ fairy shoes:









These were made using her sunprint fabric, some angelina, machined cord, hand dyed silk thread, beads and sequins.


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