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2021 Round off

For the last 6 months of 2021, I was working 3 part time jobs as once gain the research project for the PhD stalled due to Covid restrictions and lockdowns. The jobs were interesting and all consuming so not much was created on the textile front. Here are a few items that were completed:

This year we resurrected the ATASDA VIC group under the enthusiastic guidance of Caz Rogers as Convener. Due to Covid restrictions, we met once a month on zoom and completed a few challenges and swaps. Below you can see the results from our latest challenge/swap which was for an ATC on the theme ‘girl power’.

I forgot to take a photo of mine before they were posted, however this is the base fabric before they were handstitched with v’s in a variegated thread. The base is needlefelted and Free Machine Embroidered (FME) with ‘suffragette’ machine stitched all over.

The previous and first challenge was about ‘My Place’

Mine was the gum blossom as we are literally surrounded by gum trees, not a good thing if a bushfire ever comes through! Below are also my set of gum blossoms ready to be finished off and posted to the swap partners.

To announce the arrival of the VIC group into ATASDA we held an Australia wide challenge. Each member of ATASDA was posted a sheet of mulberry paper to make into a Paper bag shaped Luminary. There were some quite interesting and beautiful luminaries created. ATASDA members can view these on the website members’ gallery. Mine was based on the endangered orange bellied parrot which visits wetlands close by:

My upcycle is based on an apron I found in an op shop. I coffee dyed the apron, cut it up and tacked on some ecodyed and printed fabrics. I did attempt some shibori stitching but the coffee wasn’t strong enough to dye it clearly. I will make it into a ‘button bag’ and use up some of my collection of buttons. Quite often if I am ecodyeing I will pop some of the dye liquid in a jar and add some bits and pieces like threads and buttons:

Lots of hand stitching to go.

I was struggling for inspiration with the items I was given for the name badge when I saw some Art Deco brooches that gave me an idea, just waiting for my dremel to arrive!

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Catch up fabric swaps and ATC’s

This will be a double month catch up.

Generally I need to wait a few weeks to ensure the overseas fabric swaps (through Ning group Stitchin Fingers) have reached their destination before publishing details – I’d hate to be a spoiler of the great surprises we get when we open our envelopes. However, quite often I forget to take photos before popping them in the envelopes!

May prompt was ‘sewing altered’, a very broad range of techniques were possible. I decided to have a go at insertion lace using machine stitching and dissolvable. Strips of sari silk were pieced together before rinsing out the dissolvable and then machine stitching dyed cocoon strips resulting in a very landscape like piece of fabric. This result also inspired me to decide on making an entry for Bery Patchwork’s “Kimberley Dreaming’ exhibition.

FME silk stripsJune’s ATC theme was brown paper and foil so that also became my June fabric swap as well as it was a free choice.

“The brown paper bag is the only thing civilized man has produced that does not seem out of place in nature.” Tom Robbins

The ATC was created using the info in the tutorial from Sue Bleiwiess on making a brown paper journal.

The brown paper was painted, crumpled a few times, rubbed with stamp pads, foiled and vliesofixed to tea dyed calico. The surface was FME’d using metallic threads.

The handles from the brown paper bags were also thrown into the tea dye bucket and then manipulated into celtic knots before being hand-stitched in place. Finally spangles were hand stitched in place.

I made enough of the brown paper ‘leather’ to also send off to my fabric ‘swapees’.

Brown celtic

July ATC theme was the Australian Bush.

Although we are not living in the Aussie bush, our property is in a rural area which includes much native vegetation, as well as close proximity to a nature reserve (over the paddocks).

Within our boundaries I try to retain some ‘wild’ areas as habitat and protection for the many native creatures that share our home- skinks, blue tongue lizards and echidnas as well as myriad visiting birds and insects.

For this ATC I chose to depict our resident echidna, whom we unfortunately don’t spot all that often. The techniques include drawing/washing colour with inktense crayons, FME and hand embroidery.

Painting the echidnas

Painting the echidnas

Echidna 1Now working on finishing my July/August fabric swaps: printing and another free choice plus August ATC swap: ‘chair’. All of these are at advanced stages and should be ready to send off by the end of next week.


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Leaf-May ATCs

I’m assuming these ATCs have been received so I will show a little of the process I used to make them. I decided to go with a macro version of a leaf for this ATC so I started by doing an image search on the web for inspiration. I also had a couple of photos taken in our garden for inspiration as well, then sketched up a design.

To make the base I layered coloured strips of fabric and vliesofixed to a base calico fabric.

ATC sheet 1

This was covered with chiffon and I added some extra colour with watercolour sticks and auditioned some threads for free machining.

adding colour

Auditioning threads

and then FME’d using some cording to make the veining stand out.


and a close up with some beads hand stitched for dewdrops.


Atc 4

A couple of the beautiful ATCs received for this month’s theme:

leafAnd my walk this week on the beach- still winter chilly but some welcome sun and blue skies.

Winter beach

I almost have my May/June fabric swaps, June ATCs and a wall quilt for SWTAFE finished. All were held up by three days in bed with a winter virus but I’m hoping to get them all posted before we head off north for a welcome holiday in warmer climes this week.

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April ATCs-Graffiti

The theme for our April ATC swap was graffiti. I received some fantastic ATCs for this theme:



For my ATC I used a free online graphics program to create the font and then printed onto canvas. This is the blurb that was attached to the back explaining the process:


…is a social comment in a public arena.

This ATC was created using a free Graffiti making program and reads ‘Tread Lightly’. It was printed onto canvas fabric and then fused to pelmet Vilene. The hand embroidery stitches across the centre are Knotted pearl stitch ( and a simple running stitch and French knots to add texture. The edging is a machine made cord attached to the edge. Like most graffiti it is bold and brash.

Graffiti ATC 1

Close up

Close up

And another

And another

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Studio update

I managed to finish my ATC  and Fabric swaps on time and all have now been posted . I won’t blog about the fabric yet as it will take at least a week to arrive at destinations in USA and England. The ATCs should have arrived as they were local.

The theme for the EGV December ATC swap was green. I started with vliesofixed strips and scraps of sari silk, dyed silk rods and other fabric onto a cotton sheeting that had paint overspray from an Angie Hughes project. This was overlaid with green organza and then fine black netting. I have used FME and Flower stitcher over the layers and then burnt back sections using the heat gun. The whole piece was vliesofixed onto pelmet vilene before being cut to size and then zigzag edged. They are named ‘Eucalyptus Forest’.





Now I need to do some cleaning up in the shed so that I can start on the wedding dresses.

I have also finished off the tiling above the sink in the studio. I sourced tiles from Restorers Barn, Mill Markets, Bunnings and some beautiful handmade tiles from Gillian’s gorgeous shop, Leaf & Stone, at Wintergarden. I am really happy with how they turned out given it is my first wall tiling attempt and I chose a variety of sizes, shapes and thicknesses of the tiles. Kind of reminds of Mexican adobe style.

I also used some vanilla coloured grout out of the garage so a good, cheap, recycling effort all round.


Tiling 2

Close up showing the different thicknesses-lots of fun grouting!

Tiling c-up

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ATC and tiling

My November ATCs for the EGV swap have been received so here is the process I followed. The theme was music so I did an image search for soundwaves and came up with several stimulus photos. I had fabric from a resist dyeing challenge which had great patterning.

The fabric was ironed onto pelmet vilene and then FME with three different metallic threads to form the soundwaves

ATC 3Next step was hand stitch, using a lovely hand dyed perle and space dyed silk perle. The stitch is Sharon Boggon’s TAST Beaded barbed stitch.

ATC threads



To complete I added ‘speakers’ using buttons and a buttonhole stitch covered washer.


The backing was formatted in text box on a word doc and printed onto canvas.


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Catching up

Firstly need to document a lovely ATC swap with Anne from France. Anne sent these beautiful ATCs with her wonderful minute cross stitch designs. They are truly works of art:

gingerbread man


xmas bear

These are the ATCs sent in exchange, Claudia decided she wanted to do a triangular ATC:

atc clauds

And mine:

It is a photo of the rock pools at the beach nearby printed on silk, hand stitched and beaded. The bits of fibre are angelina.


And some more design exercises from the GeeTAG Glue Book:

For this page the prompts were Teal (as in duck) and Lines. I decided to concentrate on lines in nature and divided the page in thirds with lines of colour in teal. Looking at it now I think it would have been better balanced if the word ‘Garden’ had been placed on the opposite side.


The next page is for the colour lemon yellow and the design prompt is ‘Less is more’. I decided to take this literally, using a tea bag to colour the page, and most of the pictures are from the Green Pages Directory magazine.

Lemon Yellow:less is more

And now I am up to date:-Sunday’s prompt was black & white, contrast and focal point. I had the black holey tissue paper so repeated that motif with some black paint stencilled through a kitchen utensil. It is interesting how there are different tones of white (as in the dalmatians). The two black silhouettes were cut from magazines and painted black.


Now I really need to get onto some crewel embroidery for my intermediate work.

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Another catch up!

So much to catch up since my last (July) post!!!!!!

Firstly I will follow up July, these are the ATC’s we sent in July to Anne in France:

Mine is FME and beading over a linoprint.

I won’t repeat news that is already blogged on the GeeTAG group blog. Visit there for recent workshops including today’s dyeing day at Anglesea. My pots of fabric, threads and napkins are looking good in their little jars and will be left to brew for a fortnight before being rinsed out:

These will result in 24 clear colour gradations plus a few variations. Some of our ‘dyehards’ altered the original recipe, adding brown, olive green or aubergine to the dyepots. It will be interesting to see our results in a fortnight.

My clean up rag was predominantly green:

My dyed fabrics (and matching threads) are destined for a large (KS) quilt based on Monet’s waterlillies and incorporating Gloria Loughman’s quilting techniques.

Last weekend was our Guild’s Bi-ennial exhibition(but has been three years due to the Johnston Collection christmas exhibition in 2009). I don’t have my bits and pieces back yet but this is a picture of the piece for one of our group exhibits. Everyone took one of Pauline’s linoprints to embellish how they please:


I used Kim Thittichai’s Hot Spots and glitter on the border.

Yesterday we received some beautiful autumn (in France) stitchery from Anne:

I will blog our swap ATC’s shortly after Anne has received them.

I’ll finish this post with a photo of my amazing daughter at her graduation with distinctions in Arts-Journalism & Indonesian from Deakin University.

Coming up next: a photo tour of our road trip-Adelaide to home.

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Catching up 1

I plan to do a series of posts over the next couple of weeks to catch up on all the items I intended to blog about and haven’t as yet. Firstly, Claudia and I had a lovely ATC swap with our regular swap partner, Anne from France. Anne does the most beautiful miniature stitcheries I have ever seen and Claudia is always so excited to see the envelope arrive all the way from France.

Claudia and I have also been practicing our sketching and watercolouring via Jane Le Fazio’s online class.

First attempt!!








Getting better??

And then we moved onto leaves:








Just before I go and alter two dresses for daughter number 1’s 21st this coming weekend, here are Claudia and I getting some tips from Roger at the Australian Open Tennis!!



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I’m back, briefly

We have just returned from Ballarat where the two youngest were participating in Junior Country Week tennis. A very tiring week for the juniors playing tennis all week and also for the adults, as it is very social with so many families staying up there.

Just a quick post to show some xmas ATC’s we swapped with Anne in France (and then back to the thesis!). Anne does the most exquisite fine stitching and sent these gorgeous xmas trees. Claudia loved the green one as the linen had a little touch of glitter

Claudia loved the ATC’s she had received from Ebony, so she decided to do some cut and paste this year:

I used a piece of the felt which we had painted/stamped earlier in the year at textile group and added some beading and stitching:

We have been working on our black felt (a la Susan Lenz) in bursts but not enough to show just yet. I gave a piece of felt to each person in our textile group so I’m looking forward to seeing how each one utilised it. I have been emailed one photo which I will save so I can post them all together.

The youngest son decided to be creative during the holidays and we tie-dyed tshirts. He and Claudia put rubber bands where they wanted the stripes and then we dunked them in the dye. I added a little too much yellow and the turquoise became green, so we will do some more and I will hold back on the yellow!

I tore a few strips of old sheeting up to toss in as well. This is one Claudia banded which has a great pattern of large flower petals on it:

Paddy was also doing some iron on transfers on tshirts so I printed this dragonfly as well:

I quite like the pattern in this one I pleated and then banded.

Better get back to the thesis.

I’ll finish with these two who were checking on me when I stopped for a few stretches during my morning walk.


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