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Geelong Gallery Latest exhibitions

I managed to drop into the Geelong Gallery this week where they have an amazing group of exhibitions, as well as exhibits from their collection. The Gallery is beside our dome shaped library which is also a wonderful place to visit.

The first exhibit is based on the Ballet Russes costumes, designed by Picasso, re-imagined a century later by Sally Smart.

The next gallery exhibits photos by Ponch Hawkes of 500 nude women over 50. I love how Hawkes has captured the character of each of the women photographed.

I then went to the Diane Fogwell‘s exhibit ‘Prescience’ where you are surrounded by fifty-six large panels depicting regeneration and life cycles in the bush.

Another immersive experience is Barbara Campbell’s ‘ex-avibus‘. This exhibit includes markmaking of the long migration of shorebirds between the north and south ends of the earth as well as an audio.

A wonderful group of exhibitions well worth a visit.

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Scraps and more

I am calling this one finished. Thank you Anne Lawson for the suggestions. I am very happy with this and need to stop before it becomes overworked. Knowing when to stop can be the most difficult decision!

Phases of time 1

I am calling this Phases of time 1 as I might revisit this concept to complete some more stitcheries of different shapes and sizes. Mostly completed from the stash except for a couple of sashiko threads in blues ordered online Wafu Works. This will be sent off to Rita of Gone Rustic in Tasmania for her ‘Marking Time’ exhibition.

Two more projects on the go at the moment:

Finishing a receptacle for my partner’s treasure in the ATASDA Challenge and

Continuing to work on an artwork for the 2020 Biblio Art Prize.

Design finalised for the piece inspired by The Labyrinth by Amanda Lohrey, just auditioning some metal threads.

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Art Quilt Australia 2019 at the NWM

As a member of the National Wool Museum I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening and prize winners announcement on Thursday night. Openings at the NWM are always well run and have interesting speakers so Kerrie and I went along for the preview.

After a glass of Hill wine (one of my favourite cellar doors), a welcome to country, and a few speeches the winners of the Expressions: Wool Quilt Prize and OZQN Award of Excellence were announced. Here are a few of my favourites from the night. All the quilts were amazing and very different so do go along and see the exhibition.

The winner of the Award of Excellence was Neroli Henderson with her deceptively simple and very effective quilt Whitewash. Highly commended in the Wool Quilt prize was Alison Withers Change for Earth. Not only is Alison’s execution and skill incredible she also makes very pertinent statements about current issues.

Prize winners

Two other quilts that I loved were Susan Mathews and her use of print effects in Banksia Country 3 and the wonderful composition and texture of Jill Rumble’s Landlines

And another wonderful piece from the entries that appealed to me was Kerryn Taylor’s Flinders Ranges Panorama with a wonderful group of tapestry inserts. I absolutely loved the texture and colour of this art quilt.

This is a must see exhibition for all textile and art quilt lovers.

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Art dresses on exhibit

I was very honoured to be asked by my Deakin University PhD supervisor, Shelley Hannigan, to participate in a group exhibition of “Art Dresses”. Originally Shelley created a series of knitted copper dresses for interior designer Beatrix Rowe for a selected designers exhibition at Como House. The dresses, with the addition of invitees, were exhibited at the Public Pedagogies Conference in November at Victoria University and then at the Beatrix Rowe Interior Design Gallery in Ormond Road, Elwood in December. The latter exhibition was very popular with passers by, I had many interesting discussions while gallerist one Sunday, and many of the items on display were sold including my art dress (very excited by this).

Art Dress in Beatrix Rowe Gallery

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Ballarat Fibrearts 2018

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Fibrearts week at Ballarat, based at Ballarat Grammar. The weather was sublime-amazingly and I enjoyed many early morning walks around Lake Wendouree. A week long retreat is a great way to become immersed in a technique or theme with the bonus of lots of different classes to visit and chat to during the week.

The class I attended was Claire Benn‘s text on textiles. We had a very small class of 5 with very different art backgrounds which was great for bouncing ideas around. Claire was a very professional tutor and we had lots of notes and techniques to further explore at home.

What a great crew!

We experimented with lots of techniques including writing text with multiple instruments on multiple substrates, paper and fabric.

My favourite technique was the breakdown printing, which I hope to experiment lots with to get multiple layered backgrounds. Using the mx dyes was great as the fabric, once washed out, has a beautiful soft hand. I would like to try this technique with some natural dyes. Kerrie dd a blog post for GeeTAG here about the breakdown printing I demo’ed at a meeting.

The last day was the exhibition of all the groups’ work, here is just a small selection of some fantastic pieces with Kerrie’s memory piece bottom left and my breakdown printing on the right:

Ballarat 2018

On the last day Claire did a lucky dip for leftover materials, I was lucky enough to score the book below as well as some dyes and Manutex. Here is Claire in front of our group display.

Ballarat 2018

I would highly recommend the Ballarat fibrearts week as a great way to do some intensive textile art work as well as having great fun with like minded people.




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Medieval Dragon is home

My Medieval dragon from Dianne Cevaal’s Medieval touring exhibition arrived safely home this morning.

It is always fun when apiece of textile art returns to you. While heavily involved in developing and working on a piece of art is difficult to be objective. However when if comes back after a prolonged journey appraisal is so much easier with that distance.


Overall I am very happy with the embellishment of Dijanne’s linoprint and my binding is improving. I do find sometimes I do not allow enough time for the finishing details when working to a deadline. It is like finishing knitting a jumper and then underestimating the time it will take to sew in all those ends and hand sew together.

I used a variety of stitches and techniques including beading, foiling, gold leather and I’m pretty happy with the overall effect. Some of the beading has come a little loose so next time I will double stitch all the beads and back stitch each one, especially for a travelling situation.


Dijanne is sending out linoprints at the moment for her next touring exhibition: Aussie Bush Project. It is a great way to practice colour and stitching design skills while producing something that will tour for a year-very satisfying and meditative.

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Sydney: Art, music and lights (warning: long post with lots of eye candy)

I have just returned from an extended weekend stay in Sydney, exhausting but inspiring and a perfect way to recharge for the end of Term 2.

The initial stimulus for the trip was the entering of an Art Book into the ATASDA bi-annual exhibition Facade at Palm House, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney.

I was able to volunteer at the diverse and very high standard ATASDA exhibition on the Sunday and met the several ATASDA members including Rory:




and Kay:

Garden Palace

Garden Palace

Not only is it the 200 year anniversary of the RBG but the last weekend of the exhibition also coincided with the first weekend of Vivid Sydney, a festival of light and sound.

Vivid 1

Vivid 2

Sydney is an arts mecca and I was able to experience much of it during the weekend. I was very fortunate in being invited to stay with artist husband and wife team, the effervescent textile artist Denise Lithgow and abstract artist and thinker Peter Griffen at their amazing studio/home in a converted warehouse in Leichardt. Denise had the opening of her solo exhibition at Arts EST Art School on the weekend where she demonstrated her felting techniques and will also run a felting workshop. Denise has won numerous prizes and awards for her artworks including the Hornsby Sculpture prize for her felted vessel.

Denise and some of her wonderful felted works

Denise and some of her wonderful felted works

Fibre Art by Denise Lithgow Arts EST, Leichardt

Fibre Art by Denise Lithgow
Arts EST, Leichardt

Felting Demonstration

Felting Demonstration

Peter Griffen Abstract Artist

Peter Griffen Abstract Artist

Peter Griffen's artworks in his studio

Peter Griffen’s artworks in his studio

Peter at work

Peter at work

The weekend was full of highlights including meeting the gracious Professor Di Yerbury, one of Sydney’s greatest patrons of the arts and previous Vice Chancellor of Macquarie University.

I was able to see arts in all its forms including the Isabella Flow and Collette Dinnigan exhibitions at Powerhouse Museum.

Isabella Blow

Collette Dinnigan 2

Dinnigan sumptious lace and beading

Dinnigan sumptuous lace and beading

Dinnigan: inspiration board

Dinnigan: inspiration board

One of several Brett Whiteley’s viewed at the NSW Art Gallery:

Brett Whitely

Before picking up my Art book to return on the plane, I popped in to the Jet Bar Caffe, QVB for a delicious lunch of grilled halloumi and roast vegie salad and a very good almond milk mocha.

Lunch QVB



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Johnston Collection Christmas

The Johnston Collection Christmas exhibition ‘Twas the Night before Xmas’ is up and running so it is now okay I think to put up photos of the items I made to contribute to the front hallway. Our brief was to think about Mr Johnston’s travels and the focus was India so the colours chosen were the rich vibrant colours typical of textiles in that region.

As my contribution to the 12 days of Christmas I decided to FME in gold thread. As the size was limited I opted for one piper and the musical notes are in multiples of 11.

Drying the FME on a meat tray after washing out the solvy

Drying the FME on a meat tray after washing out the solvy

Backed and framed

Backed and framed

The main piece I contributed was the Christmas tree. I had hoped to light the tree using a battery operated tea light but it was deemed to be too tricky. The first step was to dye the silk fibres and shiboried silk. While I was dyeing I also dyed some silk thread and silk rods.


Shibori dyeing silk

Next step was making sheets of silk paper from the dyed fibres which were sewn onto a wire frame I constructed using the dyed silk threads.

Top of the tree showing wire to hold the dome

Top of the tree showing wire to hold the dome

The shibori silk was steamed to heat set the paints. I had intended to use my Flower stitcher foot to embellish the edge of the silk, but even with paper underneath it was not successful. So I used paper and FME’d in gold thread along the edge of the silk.

Attaching the shibori silk

Attaching the shibori silk

It was then attached by hand stitching to the frame and silk paper with variegated red silk thread.

The next stage was constructing the dome using silk strips, gold mesh and beading.

Constructing the dome

Constructing the dome

Back to the sewing machine then to make a FME gold thread skirt, this time I did use the flower stitcher to embellish.

Flower stitcher on solvy

Flower stitcher on solvy

I also made gold tassels which were added to the bottom after washing out the solvy.

The completed tree

The completed tree

Close up

Close up

Next item was a casket to join others made by various Geelong Artisan groups at the base of the tree. The casket was to feature the colour green. The gold motifs were made first using gel stamped onto vilene, embossing powder added and then heat gunned. Other materials used were silk fabrics, the dyed silk rods, braid, beads, FME gold thread, handstitching threads and cricula silk cocoons.

FME on the casket

FME on the casket

Front of casket

Front of casket

Attaching the lining

Attaching the lining

For some reason I didn’t take a photo of the casket when it was finished.

Claudia also contributed, making some embellished decorations for a small elephant which is to be in a gift box.

She drew up her design, painted the calico elephant and then used lots of embroidery and beads to embellish (unfortunately I also did not get a finished photo).

elephant rug design

elephant rug design

Elephant headpiece design

Elephant headpiece design

We are hoping to visit the display after Christmas, it is reported to be an amazing exhibition of the talented the artisans of Geelong, the Bellarine and Surfcoast.





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On leaving Venice we found ourselves in a beautifully appointed train for our 2.5 hour trip to Milan. We had purchased snacks and fruit for the trip and Claudia had her deck of cards from the flight over. Our card game of ‘Spit’ greatly amused the Italian grandfather sitting next to Claudia and we had a great ‘conversation’ using a mixture of our ‘piccolo’ Italian, a little English and lots of arm waving and sign language. He was off to Milan for a baptism and he was able to name lots of the past European tennis stars when Claudia told him she played tennis.

Arriving in Milan we had a long trek to the subway where we had to fend off very pushy gypsies trying to take over the ticket machines. I refused to pay them for their ‘services’ and we walked off to catch the train to our accommodation. Once again it was an airbnb in a residential area. This time however the area was quite different, lots of rubbish on the street and very busy main roads with lots of street traffic, quite a culture shock after the quietness of the canals of Venice. Our room, however was in an absolutely beautiful home once again, in a secure enclave. As we walked down the lane violin music drifted out a window.

Roberta’s home was also full of beautiful period furniture, art and detailing and a green oasis in the city. Our room was large with big windows opening onto the garden and a very welcoming host. As it was a Sunday we also met many of her family who were over for lunch. We, however headed back out to the subway (we bought a day ticket which would cover us until 2 pm the next day) to explore the city of Milan. We wandered around the square, deciding to come back the next day for a tour of the Duomo after Claudia’s shorts were rated too short!

We went for a walk along the shopping strip, tasted our first ‘piccolo cono, due gelato’, had a delicious lunch and then headed in to see a great exhibition of Leonado Da Vinci’s experimental inventions, precursors for many later engineering feats.

Back to the Duomo early the next morning, after a very refreshing sleep and breakfast (very handy subway goes right to the square) we were able to wander through the beautiful and huge church while it was quiet (before the herds of cattle and sheep arrived!), say the first of many prayers in many churches and climbed to the roof for the most amazing views of the structure itself and the city.IMG_2092





Milan was getting ready for Fashion Week-we just missed it, like we just missed George Clooney’s wedding in Venice. We wandered around the streets window shopping until we found a lovely cafe for coffee and lunch and then headed back to our accommodation to collect our luggage, then back to the station for our train to Cinque Terre. Milan is another city I will have to return to, to explore further.

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What a weekend!!

Firstly a few pics of the amazing UCI world Championship Road Race, which was held in our little corner of Australia this week. These are from the  260 km men’s road race today around Geelong in beautiful sunny weather.

We were watching on the big hill climb so were able to get photos as they slowed up. You had to be careful not to lean out as they were cycling right on the barriers, especially when the peloton came through:

Unfortunately Cadel Evans was swamped in the sprint to the finish line, but we did get an Aussie third place. This is the photo of the photographic helicopter which got so close to us during the last lap that it blew hubby’s hat off and sprayed us in dust:

This weekend was also the big 5-0 and so we partied Saturday night with friends and family. Someone did take a family photo but I haven’t received it yet so here is one of me and the girls:

And here are some more photos of the fabulous week at the Geelong Fibre Forum. Firstly some photos for our lovely tutor Mary Crehan (I will put the best ones in here and email the rest Mary):

This one was taken during our workshop when Mary was demonstrating the techniques she used in making her ‘stones’ pieces:

I have tons of photos from the fibre forum so I will do a post a day over the next week to show some of the amazing pieces from the different workshops. There was felting, hand & machine embroidery, foiling, masterclasses, discharge, resin, twining, repurposing,  …the final exhibition was truly mind blowing. The shopping was not bad either!!

Off to bed so I can drag myself out at 5.20am for bootcamp.


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