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Getting ready for December GeeTAG

Our last meeting of our creative textiles group for 2018 is coming up in December. It was suggested we work on our own versions of 12 days of Christmas in a tin. The tin I had at home has a kombi at the beach so my version will be 12 days of beach, very appropriate as we move into summertime. I walk on the beach most days with our rough collie so have lots of inspiration to draw upon.

Kombi tin

I created a concertina book and tea stained one side. (the bits of paper are the corners I cut -hoping to get a negative).

Tea staining

And the book in the tin (not glued yet as more work is to done in the book). The opposite side shows some fun with paints, dyes and salt at the recent Geelong TAFTA textile forum.

Concertina book in a tin

Appropriate colours for the sea and beach I think. I often collect debris as I walk on the beach – I try to take at least ‘3 for the sea’ pieces of rubbish. Yesterday there were lots of seagull feathers as well as the normal lolly wrappers, lollipop sticks, cigarette butts, micro plastics and bits of rope and string. I will incorporate these into my book with stitch and print.

Beach debris


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It’s beginning to feel a lot like Xmas

I have been housebound with my only trips out being to the hospital for the last 3 weeks following surgery. Due to ongoing issues it is not looking like I will be out of the house for another week. Luckily I am able to do little tasks like sitting and stitching and using the computer so not totally dire. Also I can water and enjoy all the beautiful flowers that are out at the moment including this amazing fuschia:


The GeeTAG group held their Christmas party on December 10th which I wasn’t able to attend, but Marilyn very kindly picked up my little pudding parcel for our stitching KK and dropped a new parcel back to me. The idea was to prepare a parcel of textile goodies in a colour scheme that could be used to create our last postcard (or book page) of the year.

I received a huge parcel in return and did curse the sender a little as I sat and unravelled all the threads and ironed all the sari silk pieces. However it did give me time, as I sorted and bagged everything up, to think about the bits and pieces and what sort of postcard I would make from them. I think I have channelled the thoughts of the giver.


I used inktense sticks to colour the background, which was cut from the calico bag the parcel came in. There was an organza star embellished sleeve included which became the stars in the night sky. There was an interesting piece of natural dyed cotton which became the stable.

The Magi is in progress: I will hand embellish all the beautiful sari silk pieces and other little treasures onto the pelmet vilene before hand stitching in place.


Also trying to get a few christmas gifts made in between naps.




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GeeTAG and Postcards

The GeeTAG group I belong to meets on the second Saturday of the month to share ideas, inspire each other and learn/have a go at new techniques. A small group of us organise the details including a yearly program, update the blog and forward interesting items via an email list. Each year we propose a program at our February meeting for discussion, based on an online survey we email out at the end of each year. The group often has a flow in and out of members, some move on to pursue their own work and new members are always joining when they see the fun we have with fabric and thread.

For 2016 we decided to scale back on the ‘workshops’ as we found the same people were doing all the work to run workshops which we run over and over again for the new members. Instead of full scale workshops requiring lots of materials we run mini tutorials where we demo a technique quickly and email out a technique sheet for people to try at home. We are also running a ’15 minutes of fame’ session bi-monthly as many of our members are very accomplished textilers and it is great to see all the different ways they produce some beautiful works.

Our program this year has been to propose a theme and a technique each month for which members are encouraged to produce a postcard piece of textile art. Of course some of our members are taking this further by producing book pages, or a number of postcards each month. One of our members, who has a stash beyond life expectancy, generously makes  up little packages for us each year for our xmas meeting. This is designed to be used for a ‘starter’ for the next year’s program. This year we all received a bonbon of goodies, mine included lots of interesting images on paper, stamps, little tiles, embroidery threads, ribbons etc all in a subtle vintage pastel colour range. The idea was to create a decorated box in which to place our postcards. Mine is a layered collage on calico to which I am adding the TAST stitches each week, eventually becoming a very heavily embroidered cover for my tetley tea bag box.

I have all my postcards in various levels of completeness, hopefully I will catch up in the upcoming mid year break. This is the one for May, theme Flotsam and Jetsom, technique recycled . First step was some fabric manipulation using hand stitch of some re-gifted, well washed calico onto a backing of curtain sample. Each day when I walk the dogs at the beach it is interesting to see the different patterns left as the tide flows out. One day there was a distinct smocked appearance to the beach with all the items embedded into the sand so I have attempted that look here.


It has been coloured with inktense sticks and ironed flat. It will be embellished with stitch and found objects to create the beach after the tidal flow.

I am also hoping to enter an item in the upcoming local exhibition at Studio 54 for the Bellarine Arts Trail on Melbourne Cup Week so that will also keep me busy over the holidays. Perhaps next year I will be organised enough to be a host venue.

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Rusting Away

The November meeting of the GeeTAG group was led by yours truly and I decided to investigate all the different techniques I could find on rusty effects on textiles (apart from just paint).

After a search on the internet and my growing library of textile books I spent a couple of weeks making samples. Many of the techniques were from Sarah Lawrence’s excellent little booklet: It’s just rusty stuff.

Firstly was collecting all the bits of rusty stuff hanging around the shed-bolts, wrought iron hangers, chains etc, wrapping in or placing on fabric and spraying with white vinegar:

old cotton sheeting,



op shop silk shirt,

Abaca tissue


Coffee dyed cotton sheeting,

rose hip dyed cotton sheeting (before and after vinegar)

Then it was time to add rusting powder:

rose hip tea dyed cotton with rusty objects sprayed with vinegar, a variety of stamps using acrylic wax, Golden fluid matt medium, PVA, Jo Sonja textile medium and Atelier Binder medium . Each worked equally well!!

A variety of papers-khadi, painted & unpainted brown paper, gold tissue paper, black holey tissue paper, stitched together by machine, matt medium brushed on, rusting powder sprinkled, sprayed with walnut ink and moonshadow mist.

Evolon with dressmaking tissue bonded, rusty objects and sprayed with vinegar, a little green tea to colour (which I was drinking at the time!) stamped using a variety of different mediums, rusting powder and sprayed with vinegar.

Aluminum foil with tissue paper bonded, painted with acrylic paints, matt medium brushed on, rusting powder sprinkled, sprayed with vinegar and walnut ink.

This interesting technique was from Lynda Monk’s book: Fabulous Surfaces

Lutrador and pelmet vilene painted with procion dyes

with foil bonded

with dressmaking tissue adhered using mediums

And finally the fun and very quick acting chemical rust (recipe here)

Lots of samples to choose from-maybe I will make a rusty book.


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Another catch up!

So much to catch up since my last (July) post!!!!!!

Firstly I will follow up July, these are the ATC’s we sent in July to Anne in France:

Mine is FME and beading over a linoprint.

I won’t repeat news that is already blogged on the GeeTAG group blog. Visit there for recent workshops including today’s dyeing day at Anglesea. My pots of fabric, threads and napkins are looking good in their little jars and will be left to brew for a fortnight before being rinsed out:

These will result in 24 clear colour gradations plus a few variations. Some of our ‘dyehards’ altered the original recipe, adding brown, olive green or aubergine to the dyepots. It will be interesting to see our results in a fortnight.

My clean up rag was predominantly green:

My dyed fabrics (and matching threads) are destined for a large (KS) quilt based on Monet’s waterlillies and incorporating Gloria Loughman’s quilting techniques.

Last weekend was our Guild’s Bi-ennial exhibition(but has been three years due to the Johnston Collection christmas exhibition in 2009). I don’t have my bits and pieces back yet but this is a picture of the piece for one of our group exhibits. Everyone took one of Pauline’s linoprints to embellish how they please:


I used Kim Thittichai’s Hot Spots and glitter on the border.

Yesterday we received some beautiful autumn (in France) stitchery from Anne:

I will blog our swap ATC’s shortly after Anne has received them.

I’ll finish this post with a photo of my amazing daughter at her graduation with distinctions in Arts-Journalism & Indonesian from Deakin University.

Coming up next: a photo tour of our road trip-Adelaide to home.

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